FashionForward is an invitation-only gathering of industry leaders, known for thought-provoking conversations and high caliber networking.

Welcome to the new-age conference.

November 6, 2014
Crosby Street Hotel


High quality content is what sets FashionForward apart. Our presenters are not sponsors, but instead top thought leaders, selected by our Inner Circle based on their innovative solutions to the most pertinent challenges today.


Invitation-only access ensures high-caliber conversations throughout the day from a variety of perspectives, from the top brand decision makers, to the most promising start-ups, acclaimed agencies, think tanks and technologies.


We hope you join us for this year’s topic:


“The Dynamic Consumer in a Digital Marketplace"

As this topic has changed so significantly in the past year, we are excited to unveil all-new advances in each category for the first time.

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  • Who's Speaking?

    All presenters are being vetted by the Inner Circle and Fashion’s Collective for their innovative solutions to the agenda topics. Winning thought leaders are yet to be unveiled. At FashionForward, we will share the criteria by which they were selected, and chosen leaders will share key insights. To nominate a company to be considered on any of the topics, email Please specify the agenda topic you would like to be considered for, as well as any relevant links or information.


The Crosby Street Hotel is located at 10 Crosby Street, between Spring and Prince in New York City's SoHo district. Check-in begins at 9:00am.

Please arrive promptly to allow time for check-in, coat-check and a hot coffee. Arriving on time pays off, our attendees are highly curated and by invitation only, so chances are you'll enjoy meeting each one of them, and having the opportunity to have one-on-one conversations before the day gets started.

Storytelling has become such an industry buzzword that today all brands strive to be good storytellers; yet there is still a blurred sense of what this really means. To be successful, brand messages must be emotionally compelling while also delivering true ROI on a business level. This year, we will disclose.

...the top 3 brands chosen by our Inner Circle as leaders in storytelling, and why. We’ll then hear directly from these companies on how they operate, ideate and execute successful storytelling initiatives. Through the discussion, we will cover these specific aspects of storytelling:

  1. 1. Concept development: Crafting the right emotional message

  2. 2. Translating a brand identity into a Relevant Personality

  3. 3. Supporting the idea with the right strategic execution for ROI


Big Data impacts all aspects of a business today. Beyond the fundamental basics of cleaning and organizing data, we will present what some of the leading businesses are doing with this data that is both interesting and effective...

Our Inner Circle has selected the most noteworthy examples of big data at work in our industry today, which we will highlight and analyze. These leaders will be on hand to share their approach, the obstacles they faced and how their big data strategies are evolving in the near future. As part of the discussion on big data, we will cover:

1. Internal Alignment: starting a big data initiative in one department vs. company-wide

2. CRM and Loyalty Programs: Innovation on client retention using big data

3. Creative ways to mine and leverage big data


Sometimes, sharing a meal is the best way to connect with people. In fact, at the last FashionForward, 78% of attendees said it was highly likely they would do business with someone they met that day. At FashionForward, we serve a delicious Mediterranean lunch, courtesy of the Crosby Hotel's head chef, Anthony Paris. The rooftop garden supplies fresh produce for our meal and comfortable communal tables provide the perfect setting to get to know everyone in the room.

While wearable technology is becoming more prevalent, currently the biggest threat to widespread customer adoption is product design. The top brand + technology collaborations will be unveiled... well as the challenges faced and the end results, all which will help clearly qualify the true opportunity wearable tech presents, and at what cost. To be addressed by top thought leaders are the following:

1. Impact to internal processes: what departments need to be involved and at what stages?

2. How to determine if wearable technology makes sense for your brand image and business goals

3. What is the cost/benefit assessment of wearable technology initiatives currently? In the future?


Content and commerce have been a hot topic for several years now, yet few brands have been able to implement an effective commerce strategy to maximize the ROI of the content they produce. Doing this successfully requires...

...both incorporation of the newest technology, as well as an acute understanding of what the customer wants in every instance of brand interaction. Selected by our Inner Circle, we will disclose the final companies chosen as leaders in this space. We’ll hear directly from them on the following topics:

1. Determining the role of content across different platforms

2. Assigning business objectives to content and platforms

3. The technical aspects that support an integrated experience

4. User behavior, what does the data show about how people want to interact with brand content?


Technology in the retail store has taken on many forms, from the novelty factor in wowing a customer, to covert clientelling using integrated systems. Functionality, brand image and business goals are all filters through which...

...opportunities in in-store technology should be vetted. In this segment we will discuss what has worked and what hasn't, and how brands should approach the newest technology today. Our Inner Circle has identified 3 key leaders delivering exceptional experiences in-store. We’ll learn what makes these initiatives successful and others less so. To be addressed are the following:

1. Understanding what customer’s want and expect from technology in-store: key stats and behaviors

2. Showrooming: what brands need to know and how to respond

3. Identifying pitfalls before they happen

4. Living the customer’s 360º experience


As mobile commerce grows, devising the right mobile strategy has become critical. In this segment we will address the specific changes happening, and how they impact a brand's mobile position. We will evaluate...

...different elements of the mobile experience and how brands should re-calibrate their strategies and resources accordingly.

1. The current and future value of a dedicated branded app

2. Pinpointing changes in consumer behavior across different mobile scenarios and devices

3. Evaluating alternative mobile experiences


We'll take a minute (or two...) to toast our special attendees, speakers and partners. After all, who doesn't appreciate a bit of mid afternoon bubbly?

We end with some time to unwind, make plans with new contacts, and discuss the day's learning.


At this year's event, we'll focus on understanding the global consumer and how brands can excel in this new and dynamic global marketplace. Space is extremely limited.


Director, VP and C level executives from top brands, retailers, technology companies and pioneering agencies. Attendees are typically in the marketing, eCommerce, creative and digital disciplines.


Access to cutting-edge intelligence from speakers that are highly vetted by Fashion's Collective and presented only at FashionForward. A day filled with thought-provoking conversations and high caliber networking. A full list of attendees will be provided exclusively to those present so you can easily stay in touch.


The most critical topics to our industry right now. These will include: big data, tracking a global consumer, eCommerce secrets to success across international markets, understanding the rapidly-changing chinese customer, and the top advances in the BRIC territories and Africa every business needs to understand now.


FashionForward is a full day conference in an intimate atmosphere. We serve breakfast, lunch and have cocktails to celebrate the end of a thought-provoking day.
We'll be focusing on 4 major topics and curating several speakers for each to give dedicated, impactful power talks. At times there will be 1-on-1 conversations taking place on stage, and at times conversations with the audience. This year, we won't be focusing on panels as we feel this new approach will allow the content to go deeper and provide more valuable (and actionable) insights.


We want the room to be filled with the people who are actively leading our industry forward. We want every person you meet to be a valuable connection. We are not a typical conference. FashionForward is intimate, conversational and highly focused to provide best in class content, a superior atmosphere, and a high power group of industry movers and shakers.


No. FashionForward always sells out, and we continue to receive invitation requests up until the last minute, so the only way to guarantee your spot is to purchase your ticket while tickets are still remaining. Once your request has been approved, you will receive an invitation code, which will give you access to purchase your ticket. All tickets are first-come, first-served for approved attendees.

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“I attended the FashionForward event on behalf of the Michael Kors organization and I must say it was phenomenal. I wanted to thank you for putting together such an interesting group of people with great expertise and a deep vision for where the industry should and can go. It was thought-provoking, pervasive in scope, and really well done. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you!”
Michael Kors
“The caliber of speakers + attendees is unlike any other industry event.  I walked away with SO much new information for my team.”
--------------------------------------- “Thank you so much for inviting me. I truly enjoyed every minute.”
Prabal Gurung
--------------------------------------- “Amazing day! Ideal venue, perfectly organized, fascinating presenters... In short: beautifully done! Thank you for including me in a wonderfully stimulating day.”
The Look Now
“I had so much fun (at FashionForward), thank you for including us! The day went so smoothly and your line-up was seriously impressive, congratulations!”
CA Creative
“I just wanted to thank you again for putting together such an amazing day! It was truly a pleasure to hear from such an esteemed group of speakers as well as be surrounded by a like-minded 'tribe'….”
Tender Creative
“I wanted to take a minute to thank you for putting together such a stellar program.  If you remember I brought my entire team and we all loved it.  By attending your event our viewpoint towards our digital marketing strategy was broadened and elevated. I am certain that the information we gathered will help us to stay ahead of our competition and relevant in the digital universe.  It also gave us much to aspire to and grow towards.  As a single store independent all of the above will directly contribute to our success in the coming years, as our access to this level and amount of expertise and vision is more limited than it may be for larger companies.” Greenwich Jewelers


  • Cecilia Liu kate spade
  • Aliza Licht DKNY
  • Leandra Medine Man Repeller
  • Jessica Coghan Starworks Media
  • Cannon Hodge Bergdorf Goodman
  • Dr. Bob Deutsch Brain Sells
  • Ari Goldberg StyleCaster
  • Alexandra Stielow Edun
  • Ivan Rodic Facehunter
  • Kelly Thurman anthropologie
  • Scott Forshay Morpheus Media
  • Harriet Mays Powell The Look Now
  • John Jannuzzi Lucky Magazine
  • Emily Sobol Ipsos
  • Tamar Koifman Digital Luxury Group
  • Alex Weiss, Carol Han CA Creative
  • Clare Munn TCG
  • Lisa Green Google
  • Aslaug Magnusdottir Moda Operandi
  • Eddie Mullon FashionGPS
  • Lynne Murray Holition
  • Amaryllis Fox Mulu
  • Dr. Bob Deutsch Brain Sells
  • Hilary Peterson Lyst
  • Andrew Pollard POP-Market
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  • Kristin Maverick Barbarian Group
  • Cannon Hodge Bergdorf Goodman
  • Ned Lampert Space150
  • James Gross Percolate
  • Kristen Joy Watts R/GA
  • Mike Steib Vente Privee
  • Brian DiFeo Mobile Media Lab
  • Tina Craig Bagsnob
  • Nisan Gabbay Sociable Labs
  • David Sadigh Digital Luxury Group
  • CJ Swanton OMEN
  • Lauren Kaufman WGSN
  • Mallory Andrews Bergdorf Goodman
  • Ceci Guicciardi Brand & Commercial
  • Gill Linton Byronesque
  • Bill Adler True Fit
  • Andrew Pollard POP-Market
  • Hilary Peterson Lyst
  • Jason Beckley dunhill
  • Liza Kindred Third Wave Fashion
  • Roeland de Jong FashionQLIC
  • Larry Grisolano Analytics Media Group
  • Orit The O Group
  • Sarah Sheikh Yammer
  • Kristine Pizzelanti kate spade
  • Laurie Ortiz Google, Inc.
  • Ria Tobaccowala Google, Inc.
  • Wesley Barrow Nomi
  • Rebecca van Bergen Nest
  • Kristy Caylor Maiyet
  • Patrick Sarkissian Sarkissian Mason
  • Basil Farano Iras
  • Neil Blumenthal Warby Parker
  • Dr. Bob Deutsch, PhD Brain Sells
  • Dr. Omer Artun, Ph.D AgilOne
  • Charlie Miller Control Group
  • Jullie Anne Quay V Files